Are you ready to stop sucking at money and start rocking your finances?  Financial succcess doesn’t just happen overnight, you have to learn about it and work at it.  Good news is the secret is out and it is something you absolutely can learn.  People who are financially successful have built really good habits into their life when it comes to their money and the results follow.  They are able to achieve financial success, accomplish their goals and save up more money.  So here are 7 of the most essential habits that you will need to be financially successful.

  1. They pay attention – they are aware of what their finances look like and pay attention to what is happening with their money.  They are involved with their money and know for better or for worse what their financial picture looks like.
  2. They set financial goals and have a plan – they know what they are working towards and have set specific goals that they want to achieve.  They have taken the time to figure out how they are going to accomplish their goals.  They have a purpose for their money and have created a plan to get there.
  3. They spend within their means – looking rich and having wealth are two very different things.  The people who are truly financially successful are able to live within their means and build up their wealth.  They make sure that they only spend what they earn so that their income covers their expenses.
  4. They avoid high interest debt – they know the difference between good debt and bad debt and they make sure to stay out of bad debt (investment that lose value or do not provide income).  They do not have high interest loan or large consumer debt.
  5. They ask questions – they constantly seek to become more financially literate and better investors by educating themselves and asking questions.  They are always learning and expanding their financial knowledge base.
  6. They invest proactively, consistently, and wisely – they know the benefits to investing and participating in the financial world.  They are consistently putting their money to work for them by investing their money to increase its value or generate income.
  7. Most importantly they take action – they take whatever steps they need to put their plan into action and be in control of their finances.  They are action takers and you can be too!

If you don’t have all of these habits in place yet that’s okay.  Start with adding one of them to your life and just keep going from there.  Soon you will have all of these habits in place and will be financially successful too.

Even the most financially successful people among us had to have started somewhere. There are lots of resources available to you as well as people who can help — you just have to be ready and get started.

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