Hi ladies, I’m Jessica Rohrer and I’m a Financial Coach.

I teach real life PRACTICAL finance strategies for saving and spending to dedicated women who are ready to start saving.  I created my signature program, Savvy Saving 101, just for this purpose: for women who are ready to take control of their money, feel empowered with their finances and accomplish their financial dreams.

I’ve worked in many different types of finance jobs ranging from a Financial Analyst in corporate finance all the way to an Assistant VP and Loan Credit Underwriter in private banking.  But most importantly I learned early on how to think about money and manage my own money well to accomplish what I wanted. 

I worked with a lot of wealthy clients and in a lot of different aspects of finance.  Plus I have a double bachelor’s degree in Quantitative Finance and Financial Economics and a minor in Mathematics.  So I took a lot … and I mean a lot … of finance courses and so I know all the theory behind investing and the appropriate asset allocations, interest rate risks, and time value of money theory but I was still looking for practical straightforward guidance that I could apply.

After working with so many wealthy people for so long I kept wondering,

  • But what about real life finance for my everyday life?
  • What about the rest of us who haven’t quite saved up millions yet but still need financial advice?
  • What about the woman who is just trying to figure out how to save for a house?
  • What about the woman who is trying to invest her money for the first time?
  • What about the woman who makes great money and yet is somehow broke at the end of every month?
  • Or the woman who is up to her eyeballs in student and credit card debt?
  • What about the actual real life things I need to know and do with my money?

It made me realize that although we learn a lot in school no one ever really teaches us about our own personal finances.  Aren’t you surprised there weren’t more classes taught by high schools and colleges?  For the most part we have to learn how to manage our money from our parents or research and teach it to ourselves.

What about practical finance for our everyday lives?  We have to learn how to answer questions like,

  • Am I saving enough?
  • Am I spending too much?
  • What accounts do I need to open?
  • How should I be investing?
  • How do I get out of debt?

Especially for women, who are sometimes taught when we are little girls that we aren’t as good at numbers as men, and that men are supposed to take care of all the finances…

This is simply not true!

I was one of only three girls in my graduating class for my Quantitative Finance degree and I think it is time for that to change.

So what changed for me?  Well I decided to leave my great paying 8-5 finance job and move to Belgium for the experience of a lifetime and then all of a sudden one of life’s curve balls hit and I had to live on my savings.

Would you be able to live off of your savings if you had an emergency hit?

Thankfully, I had employed great saving strategies and so I was able to live on my emergency fund and savings.  I was empowered so that I could make my decisions according to my values.

I was in control and could do what I needed to do because I was secure in my finances.

For the first time in my life I had to completely reevaluate my relationship with money.  All of a sudden I thought about all of the “stuff” I had spent my money on and realized that none of it was really important to me, none of it was what really mattered most.  I took a very hard look at my values and my goals and realized that…

It was time to change my relationship with money once again!

I decided then and there I wanted every women to know what financial security and freedom of choice felt like and that I would do everything I could to teach women all the secrets I knew about finances and money.

To help women set up emergency funds for the inevitable curve balls that life may throw, be confident in achieving their financial dreams, and feel the difference in life as they find out what they want to spend their money on and what makes them happy.

I don’t want you to throw money away on stuff you don’t care about only to realize it once it feels like it is too late and you have no time left to save. 

I want to make sure every woman understands her money and how she wants to spend it and feels safe and secure knowing that she has taken care of herself and her family for the future.

I want you to feel in control of your money because I know every woman can become a Savvy Saver and can do anything she sets her mind to!